Missionary Cooperation Plan

One of the diocesan efforts to promote mission awareness and spiritual union with mission efforts is the diocesan Missionary Cooperation Plan (MCP). Because of the many needs of new churches in underdeveloped countries, needs that are as urgent today as in any other period in history, each diocese in the United States invites representatives of missionary dioceses, religious congregations, and lay missionary organizations to visit parishes, usually during the summer months.

The assignment of missionaries to the individual parishes is coordinated by the Mission Office. The representatives speak at Sunday Mass in order to animate the Church in our missionary task by sharing their work and faith experiences. Mutual support through understanding and prayer is the basis for financial collaboration. The hospitality provided by pastors, parish staff, and all the parishioners build up the Church as the living Body of Christ present in the entire world.

Through the generous self-giving of many faithful throughout our Diocese these missionary dioceses and other evangelizing groups received help to support their ongoing work in sharing the Gospel.

The Missionary Cooperation Plan (MCP) facilitates the access of missionaries (Orders of Missionary men and women, lay missionary societies and designated Mission Dioceses) to the parishes of the diocese to seek help for their projects. In this way parishioners hear directly from missionaries about their work and the peoples that they serve and learn how donating generously is also participation in the mission work.

Application For MCP

The application is to be on the letterhead of the organization and should include information on the legal entity, country situated in, missionary work the organization is involved in, what the funds will be used for, and should include a letter of endorsement from either the Bishop of the Diocese or the Provincial Superior/Superior General, if it is a religious order.
Mail the application to:
Office for the Missions
P.O. Box 82386
San Diego, CA 92138-2386

Application Form
Guidelines and Policies

All applications are to reach the Missions Office by the end of November of the prior year