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The challenges and opportunities of Covid-19

With the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19, the Apostles of Jesus had to look for new ways to continue the ministry. Throughout these dark times, God has given our missionaries an opportunity to search for innovative and effective ways to connect with each other and those we serve.

In African villages, where it is difficult to stream Masses, Apostles of Jesus missionaries use radios to reach out to the faithful, to encourage them to remain hopeful and faithful. Two Apostles of Jesus priests in Kenya have initiated food distribution program to the Maasai community through the Apostles of Jesus Aids Ministry. The AJ Aids Ministry used to serve 60 families but now due to high food prices due to Covid-19, they serve about 200. The need for emergency food is four times more. We invite you to partner with us to support our many ministries in Africa.

I wish on behalf of the Apostles of Jesus, to thank the Diocese of San Diego for inviting us to participate in the annual Diocesan Missionary Cooperation Plan. As Missionaries, we trust in Divine Providence. We need funds for evangelization, formation of future priests, care for the elderly and the sick, education and formation of the youth, Aids Ministry, and pastoral care of refugees at the border of northern Uganda and South Sudan.

The Institute of the Apostles of Jesus was founded in Moroto, Uganda, in 1968 by two Comboni Missionaries-Bishop Sisto Mazzoldi and Father John Marengoni. During this period, the Catholic Church in Africa was going through unprecedented changes and transformation. Vatican II had just concluded with a reminder that the Church is essentially missionary. Indeed, a year after the foundation of the Apostles of Jesus, Pope Paul VI visited Uganda and said “You Africans are missionaries to yourself,” a recognition of Africa’s contribution to the Church’s missionary activity.

Apostles of Jesus are missionaries to Africa and to the world. Today, there are about 490 Apostles of Jesus priests and brothers, serving in Africa, Europe, North America, Australia and Oceania. The Mission of the Apostles of Jesus has remained the same since its foundation, to go to the whole world and proclaim the good news to all, especially the poor and the vulnerable.

Two of the Apostles of Jesus priests serve in the Diocese of San Diego, Rev. Gabriel Afeti, AJ, Associate Pastor, St. Mary Catholic Church, Escondido, and Rev. Robert Kibaki, AJ, Associate Pastor, St. John the Evangelist Church, Encinitas.
The Apostles of Jesus participated in the Mission Cooperation program in 2017 at St. Charles Borromeo Church, San Diego. They are assigned to Holy Family Church, San Diego for the Mission Cooperation program for 2021.
Information provided by Rev. Richard O’Nyamwaro, AJ, Director of Mission Promotion

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