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The Diocese of Chingleput, India

The diocese of Chingleput was erected officially on July 19, 2002. Bishop Neethinathan was the first Bishop. Fullness of life through justice – is our deepest aspiration and vision. It guides our commitment to realize fuller life for our suffering and deserving brothers and sisters. The diocese covers the districts of Chingleput and Kancheepuram. It is a rural and backward area where the majority of the people are Dalits (people of the lowest caste) who are socially discriminated and neglected for centuries. They are treated as untouchables by the society and the government denies their rights and privileges.












































The districts of Chingleput and Kancheepuram are naturally drought prone areas.  There are acres and acres of barren lands with no water source for cultivation. The poor dalits in this area take up menial work for a very low wage, making them daily wagers with no source for permanent income.

Politics has become an earning source for those who have money and muscle power.  The poor marginalized groups have no key role in the field of politics.  They are used as vote banks for the stakes of the rich and high caste people.  Politics, which is the basic power, makes the poor as powerless because of the bad influence of unjust anti-social elements.

In order to liberate our people from this exploitation the diocese undertakes many developmental and social programs and projects. In this holistic endeavor, we are looking for supportive and generous hands to join this mission of the Diocese of Chingleput. We make an earnest appeal to your kind and generous heart to support us to bring light in the lives of the downtrodden and marginalized.

The Diocese of Chingleput, India is assigned to Guardian Angels Church, Santee for MCP 2021.

–  Fr. Chinnappan Benjamin, the Diocese of Chingleput

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