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The Diocese of Sokoto, Kaduna in Nigeria

The Diocese of Sokoto is a mission Diocese. The Dominican Fathers of Chicago started it in 1964. It is in the sub Trans Sahara desert. The people are poor peasant farmers, petty traders who depend largely on the church. The Diocese is hoping that St. Martin De Porres Hall will have an Event Centre of 2-storey building for a hall, stores and offices on the first floor and the second floor for accommodation. This will be used for different events such as workshops, seminars for widows and orphans. This will help to train the youths, who will help train other people. Also for adult education for widows and orphans to empower others and for religious training and workshops.

We have been marginalized. Muslims who dominate Christians has been persecuting and have burned down our churches 3 times. The Hall is under construction, but is now on hold for lack of funds. Thanking you in advance for your co-operation and willing to assist us in our dire need to help to complete this work.

The Diocese of Sokoto, Kaduna in Nigeria was assigned to St. John of the Cross Church, Lemon Grove in 2018 for Missionary Cooperation Plan. They are assigned to Sacred Heart Church, San Diego for MCP 2021.

Very Rev Fr Joseph Dube, Director of missions Sokoto Diocese.

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